Parking at the six CIUSSS hospitals in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean are paid for by users and visitors. Parking rates are applicable to the duration period and rates are displayed at the parking entrances.

To access parking spaces for users and visitors you must take a parking voucher at the entrance gate and keep it with you in order to pay when you leave the hospital.

  • Respect Parking Zones
  • Payment
  • Hospital parking rates
  • Contact information

When you visit, the hospital be sure to follow the signs in the parking lots. It is important to respect areas and reserved spaces especially those for the disabled. Non-compliance with signage and parking in prohibited or reserved locations may result in warnings, fines and towing of the vehicle without notice and at the owner’s expense.

When you exit, insert your parking voucher into the payment terminal at the hospital’s main entrance or emergency room and pay the requested amount. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. It is also possible to pay by credit card directly at the exit gate.

If required you can convert a parking voucher into a daily, weekly or monthly pass by selecting your choice directly from the payment terminal. In either case, you must keep your voucher and use it to both enter and exit the parking lot by inserting it in the slot indicated at the gate.  To obtain a receipt, you must press the indicated button immediately after completing your payment.

After payment, you have 15 minutes to exit the parking lot.

If you have trouble entering or exiting, press the help button for someone.

Hospital parking rates

Users and visitors

Chicoutimi Jonquière Roberval La Baie Alma Dolbeau
0 to 30 min Free Free Free Free Free Free
31 to 60 min $5,00 $5,00 $5,00 $5,00 $5,00 $5,00
1 h 01 to 2h $7,00 $7,00 $7,00 $6,00 $7,00 $6,00
2 h 01 to 3h $7,00 $7,00 $7,00 $6,00 $7,00 $6,00
3 h 01 to 4h $8,00 $8,00 $8,00 $6,00 $8,00 $6,00
4 h plus $10,00 $9,00 $9,00 $7,00 $9,00 $7,00
Lost voucher $10,00 $9,00 $9,00 $7,00 $9,00 $7,00
24 hrs
$10,00 $9,00 $9,00 $7,00 $9,00 $7,00
Weekly $35,00 $30,00 $30,00 $30,00 $30,00 $30,00
Monthly $65,00 $55,00 $55,00 $50,00 $55,00 $50,00

Some users who receive treatments or services on a regular/extended basis maybe eligible for preferential pricing. Check with the establishment’s security and parking services for details and conditions.

Security and parking service

For any questions or problems with regard to parking, you can go to the security station located near the main entrance of each hospital or contact the security and parking service by phone at 418 541-1234. Ext. 2561 or by email at:

This traduction is made possible through the contribution from the English Community Organization – Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (ECO-02).