Youth services

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Youth protection

Youth services mandate is to ensure the protection of youth under the age of 18 who are experiencing a situation, which may compromise their security or development. The threat may come from their entourage (physical or psychological violence, sexual abuse, gross negligence or abandonment); however, it may also come from their own behaviour (runaways, aggressiveness, drug abuse, attempted suicide).

Support for young offenders

This program is for young offenders who commit crimes. Our involvement aims to protect society while helping the young person to assume their responsibilities, to repair the harm caused and to regain a behaviour better adapted to life in society.

Placement of youth in institutional, foster and residential rehabilitation centers

This program takes part in the recruitment, evaluation and supervision of a network of foster families and intermediate resources. It also has accommodation resources in group homes and rehabilitation centres, which ensures accommodation adapted to the different needs of those youth who cannot live in their family environment.

Adaptation, rehabilitation and social integration

This program, through the action of rehabilitation services, supports the young person who wants to take control of their own development in order to restore a certain harmony in their relationships with family and their environment.

Social Services Emergency

The social services emergency ensures accessibility, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for young people and their families.

Evaluation by the superior court on childcare

A full and impartial assessment is conducted on the family and social situation of the young person whose custody or right of access is the subject of a dispute between parents, grandparents or third parties. The case having been registered in the superior court, the judge orders an evaluation with the consent of the parties involved. A psychosocial worker produces the evaluation.

Quebec and international adoption

The youth services is responsible for and takes care of the situation of a child eligible for adoption. It also conducts psychosocial assessment of those wishing to adopt a child from another country.

Background checks and reuniting

The youth services receives requests for reuniting.  They conduct a search of a sociobiological background and updates, when both parties simultaneously express interest in the reuniting of the biological parent(s) and the adopted person.

Our clientele

Youth services mandate is to intervene with young people under the age of 18 who are experiencing a situation that may compromise their security or development. This threat may come from their entourage: neglect, abandonment, physical or sexual abuse; however, it can also come from their own behaviors: runaways, attempted suicide, drug abuse, criminal offenses.

They also intervene with the parents of these young people, their families and their entourage to help them through these difficult situations and prevent them from repeating.


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