Midwifery services

The Fjord-au-Lac Birthing Center is located in Chicoutimi, very close to the hospital. Their services are available to women throughout the region.

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Midwives offer women the right to choose where they want to give birth: at the birth center, at the Chicoutimi Hospital or at home. Home birth is possible based on several criteria, including the distance to the hospital.

The birth center offers a safe follow-up in a warm environment. Services are tailored to the needs of women, their spouses and children. The family can be involved in all stages of follow-up, childbirth and postnatal care.

You can contact the birth center as soon as the pregnancy is announced.

Contact information

282, rue Saint-Vallier, Chicoutimi (Quebec) G7H 4J1

Phone: 418 541-1166

Email: servicessagefemme.csssc@ssss.gouv.qc.ca


Midwives are  health care professionals providing comprehensive maternity care to the mother and her baby from the beginning of  pregnancy to six weeks after birth. They base their practices on respect for physiology, the natural process of pregnancy, childbirth and the autonomy of women and families. They offer comprehensive care, taking into account the physical, psychological and social dimensions of this unique event, the birth of a child.

Midwives have completed more than four years of training at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR).

Birthing assistants

Birthing assistants are part of the birth house team. Thanks to their skills and their warm presence, they actively contribute to the smooth running and the family atmosphere of the place. They are present during childbirth to support midwives and support families in welcoming their newborn. They  ensures the comfort of the family during their stay and can support new parents with the introduction of breastfeeding.

Services offered

  • Information evenings 1st week of each month
  • Complete follow-up of the mother and her baby from the beginning of pregnancy up to six weeks after birth
  • Blood tests and analyzes
  • Prescription for ultrasound
  • Preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting
  • Prenatal group meetings
  • Postnatal home visits

Access to services

Any healthy woman can be supervised by a midwife. As their scope of practice is limited to normal pregnancy,  a health check-up is necessary on the first appointment to ensure the client’s eligibility.

Midwives services are of no cost for those with a  Quebec Health insurance card.