This program is designed to meet the needs of any person who has problems with abuse or dependence on alcohol, addiction and gambling. It includes services of detection, treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration for the person as well as for their relatives.

  • Are you questioning your alcohol or drug use?
  • Does your family or friends comment on your alcohol or drug use habits?
  • Are you a cannabis user and would like to meet someone who could help you stop?
  • Do you get up in the morning and have regrets related to your behavior because of significant consumption?
  • Are you are no longer able to pass on your painkillers and, in addition, they have little effect on the pain you are trying to relieve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions?  If a similar situation worries you or worries one of your relatives? We can help.

Services offered

  • Psychotherapy services
  • Group services
  • Evaluation
  • Family support
  • Support and organization support
  • Hospitalization

To make an appointment

Consult the services offered near you by contacting the CLSC in your area.


This translation is made possible through the contribution from the English Community Organization – Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (ECO-02).