Physical disability

Specialized services in physical disability are offered through tailored programs for clients of all ages whose motor, auditory, visual or language impairment leads to significant and persistent disabilities. A referral from a doctor or health care professional is required.

The services are available at the Physical Disability Rehabilitation Centre (CRDP) in Jonquière and Alma, Roberval and Dolbeau-Mistasini.

Access to services

2230, rue de l’hôpital
Jonquière, Quebec G7X 7X2
Phone: 418 695-7788 or 1 866-314-2737 (toll-free)
Fax: 418 695-7784

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Main programs and services

Intensive Functional Rehabilitation Unit (URFI)

URFI is a place that hosts those requiring physical rehabilitation and medical care interventions. These individuals, whose diagnosis presents significant and persistent physical incapacity, because of a motor impairment, will improve their abilities through participation, as well as, the support of a specialized multidisciplinary team. URFI is a living environment that provides a physical and social setting maximizing the individual’s recovery of essential skills for the purpose of a gradual and optimal return to their current activities.



The program for access to environmental control and enhanced/alternative communications (PACECAA) aims to compensate and promote independence for individuals with physical disabilities (motor or language) and that have difficulties with oral or written communication or control of their environment with technological aids.

Driving evaluation and vehicle adaptation

The objective of this program is to make the individual as independent as possible while travelling in a personal vehicle and to move safely in order to encourage their full social integration. The program ensures that the person is able to access the vehicle, load their mobility aids and drive safely. It is divided into four components: driver licence, driver evaluation, driver evaluation with adaptation and passenger adaptation. This is for any person who qualifies for the CRDP or has limitations in a motorized vehicle in connection with a physical impairment.


This program is for people of all ages who have a motor disability following an accident resulting in cranio-cerebral trauma, serious orthopedic injuries or traumatic spinal cord injury.

Specialized technical divisions

The main pavilion of the CRDP also has three specialized places where equipment and facilities provide specialized services. The clients of the different programs have access to a therapy pool, gymnasium, as well as evaluation, physical therapy and developmental spaces.

Specialty accommodation and living environments

When a severe behavioural disorder of a physical impairment compromises the integration of a person into an independent living environment, the “living environments” program provides access and integration to residential resources where they  can receive the support they need for daily living.

Visual impairment

This program provides rehabilitation services to people of all ages whose vision problems interfere with daily living. The program also provides the required visual aids in connection with the client’s condition.

Motor disability for children and adolescents

This program is intended for children and adolescents aged 0 to 18 with a motor disability or an overall developmental delay.

Adult motor disability

This program provides intensive functional rehabilitation and rehabilitation services to people 18 years of age and older who have a Neuro-Musculoskeletal impairment.

Language impairment

This program is intended for children aged 0 to 6 with a language impairment caused by neurological disorders such as primary language disorders (dysphasia), stuttering and verbal dyspraxia.

Hearing impairment

The hearing impairment program is aimed for people of all ages who have a decrease in hearing or tinnitus limiting them in their daily lives. The program also provides the required hearing aids in connection with the client’s condition.

Neuromuscular Disease Clinic

The Neuromuscular Disease Clinic (CMNM) provides multidisciplinary clinical services to a broad clientele of children and adults with neuromuscular disease and cerebral motor impairment.

To view the CMNM page, click here.

Technical aids

This program is intended for anyone with a motor disability who requires specialized services of technical aids for movement, mobility or posture adapted to their needs, whether or not they receive services from CRDP.

Material aids

This program supports individuals with physical disabilities at home by providing essential equipment in order to carry out daily or domestic activities.   It also assists clients with intellectual disability and pervasive developmental disorders.

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