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COVID-19 Information Lines

  • For Quebec : Toll-free: 1-877-644-4545, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • For Canada : Toll free: 1-833 -784-4397

Info-Social psychosocial telephone consultation servic

  • Dial 811

Telephone line –Break the isolation and loneliness

  • To receive a call from a volunteer, you must complete the form by clicking here.

Aide-mémoire téléphonique

Un outil a été créé afin de vous permettre de voir en un clin d’œil les différentes lignes téléphoniques d’information mises sur pied dans le contexte de la COVID-19. Téléchargez-le en cliquant ici.

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COVID-19 Information lines
Prohibited visits to our facilities
Service closures
Recommendations for travellers
What is the Moment of Kindness?
How to talk to children
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Interested in contributing to the efforts of the health network?

Please note that regular visits to our facilities are prohibited.

(Hospitals, CHSLDs, intermediate resources, family-type resources and private seniors’ residences)

Prohibited visits to our facilities

In addition to prohibited visits since March 14 in :

  • Hospitals (emergencies and all care units)
  • Accommodation centers
  • Private residences for seniors (PRS)
  • Intermediate and family-type resources (RI-RTF) for adult clients
  • Continuing assistance residential resources (RRAC)

We are now adding : 

  • Rehabilitation centers (youth and any other users);
  • RI-RTF for youth patients;
  • Long-term accommodation resources (RHD);
  • Intensive functional rehabilitation units in physical health;
  • Any other accommodation environment governed by agreement under section 108 of the LSSS.

However, visits or outings essential to intervention and clinical follow-up of users remain authorized.

Please note that work is underway at the national level regarding the community environment and accommodation for clienteles with special needs.

Service closures

Clinical and administrative teams are working on a service modulation plan in order to offload non-urgent clinical activities to focus on the COVID-19 situation in the region.

Elective surgeries

Establishments are currently postponing elective surgery appointments and temporarily suspending certain types of activity. If necessary, affected users will be contacted and informed of the alternative means offered.

Sampling Centres

Starting on Friday March 20, sampling centre activities (blood tests, gynecological samples and other types of samples prescribed by a doctor) without an appointment with hospitals and by appointment with service points in the region (CLSC, clinics) will be reduced in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

The sampling services remain accessible only for the carrying out of tests deemed urgent by a health professional and the samples required for follow-up (e.g. anticoagulation, Coumadin, cancer treatment, pregnancy follow-up, transplant follow-up, etc. ).

Samples required for a medical imaging examination may also be taken. Affected users must report to the sampling center at the hospital in their territory. It is requested to wait for the complete reopening of services before asking for their sample request.

Other measures may be announced. With the exception of the services listed above, all services are maintained. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify us promptly.

Recommendations for travelers

The level of risk for Canadians travelling abroad varies from level 1 (taking standard health precautions while traveling) to level 4 (avoiding all travel to protect the health of the entire population of Canada) depending on the destination. For recommendations for each country, see the Government of Canada’s Travel Reports and Warnings.

Consignes à suivre pour la personne de retour d’un pays étranger, recommandations de santé publique
Pour connaître les recommandations pour chaque pays, consultez les Conseils aux voyageurs et avertissements du Gouvernement du Canada.
Foire aux questions – Conseils aux voyageurs et avertissements du gouvernement du Canada
Le niveau de risque pour les Canadiens qui voyagent à l’étranger
Mesures aux frontières (aéroports internationaux)
Quoi faire si vous arrivez de l’extérieur du Canada

Are you interested and available to contribute to the efforts of the health network?

You belong here with us. #JeContribue

You don’t need health and social services experience or training to provide help.

➡️ Sign up here :

What is a Moment of Kindness?

A Moment of Kindness is a telephone line available to anyone in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean wishing to receive a call in order to make their socially isolated situation easier. This will give you the opportunity to chat with a volunteer for a few minutes.

➡️ In order to receive a call from a volunteer, you must complete the form by clicking on the link. Allow 24 to 48 hours to receive your first call.

*This line is not an emergency line. It does not replace the 811 or 1 877 644-4545 lines.

How to talk to children

Do your children have questions about the coronavirus? Here is a link that leads to an original capsule produced by the National Independent Information Cooperative (CN2i) for Télé-Québec’s brand new Canal Squat : ➡️ see the video.

Need help teaching the importance of hand washing to your children? Froton is a raccoon who has been supporting health professionals in the region in this mission for some years now.

Here are some tools :
Étape du lavage des mains (affiche)
Coloriage à imprimer
Cycle du lavage des mains accessible
La chanson de Froton