Designated COVID-19 clinics in the region

NOTICE : The clinics offers a variety of services, including patient assessment and testing. The clinic is accessible by appointment only. To make an appointment for a screening test, please contact the dedicated line at 1 877 644-4545.

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How to have access to the screening clinic?
Locations of designated COVID-19 clinic

Designated clinics aim to support hospitals, family medical clinics and public health teams. It will help avoid overcrowding and prevent sick people from going into a medical clinic.

Rigorous prevention measures are deployed within the clinic to protect staff, users and the population. Controls are made at the entrance and measures are in place for the safe transport of users

How to access a screening clinic?

Any user meeting the epidemiological criteria and presenting clinical symptoms related to COVID-19 must contact 1-877-644-4545. A clinical and epidemiological evaluation will be carried out by a nurse.

  • If the person has moderate to severe symptoms, the user is referred to the emergency department and the nurse informs the triage nurse that a user is on the way;
  • If the person has mild symptoms, the nurse will notify the designated COVID-19 clinic to schedule an appointment. After hours, the nurse on duty at 811 takes care of making the user’s appointment.


  • You do not need to have your Quebec health insurance card (RAMQ) to access screening tests.
  • Tourists also have access to screening tests without a RAMQ card.

COVID-19 Designated Clinic Locations


Address : 225, rue Saint-Vallier (Bâtiment des Augustines, on the left of the Chicoutimi Hospital)
Entrance to the clinic : main door
Parking : (in front of the clinic) on your lef


Address : 400 boul. Champlain Alma, G8B 3N8 (IDRC Building)
Entrance to the clinic : Door 605
Parking : Parking behind the building


Address : 450 Rue Brassard, Roberval G8H 1B9
Entrance to the clinic : Door-
Parking : Hospital parking